A healthy economy is created through healthy trade and business activities. Healthy economic activities are certainly supported by regulations that ensure healthy business, trade and commerce. Business law as a legal instrument that regulates the procedures and implementation of trade (goods and services), industrial activities, and finance, both written and unwritten, arising from agreements and business is indispensable in line with the development of tourism in the era of globalization.

On the one hand, rapid progress in the field of tourism requires business law tools that are able to accommodate the complexities of issues that arise in the tourism business, and on the other hand presents the possibility to involve and empower various kinds of local communities. cultural entities as local wisdom, which can also play a role in supporting tourism business activities. This situation needs to be observed carefully because the parties involved in the tourism business need to have something more official (standard) than just relying on promises or good faith, while local communities with their local wisdom still uphold local customs in carrying out their affairs, including make a deal,

Tourism business collaboration in this era of globalization that supports tourism can include elements such as hotels, restaurants, tour and travel (including land, sea, and air transportation), cultural arts, yoga, and SPA. Such business collaborations are expected, by the players, to run smoothly and without difficulty, with profits commensurate with the amount of capital invested in the business. However, some good players face the law

problems that arise in business cooperation and activities that give rise to legal disputes, which require an adequate settlement according to local law, national law, and even international business law.

Based on the description above, the Faculty of Law of Warmadewa University in collaboration with Pancasila University Jakarta, Esa Unggul University Jakarta, Borobudur University Jakarta, Tarumanagara University Semarang, 17 August 1945 University Semarang and the Association of Indonesian Law College Leaders (APPTHI) held an international conference and Call Paper 2021 with the theme “Business Law and Local Wisdom in Tourism”.

Conference Objectives

This conference was organized with the following objectives:

  1. As a vehicle for delivering interdisciplinary scientific ideas and concepts related to the complexity of business law issues and local wisdom in the tourism sector.
  2. As a forum for gathering and exchanging information between academics, legal practitioners, and tourism practitioners at the international level
  3. To become a forum to unite the perceptions of various stakeholders such as investors (business owners), government, labor, legal practitioners, and academics in the legal, socio-cultural, and economic fields in order to develop formulas that can secure global business law and local wisdom as the basis for tourism.

Keynote Speakers

Speakers at International Conferences:









Activities and Places

Conference activities will be held by inviting participants (Call for Papers) to submit their abstracts in advance, in English and Indonesian drafts. Abstracts that meet the criteria will be declared eligible and can participate in this activity by sending a full paper.

The implementation schedule will be carried out for two days, starting on Wednesday and Thursday (28 July 2021 and 29 July 2021) at the Law Faculty of Warmadewa University, Denpasar Bali-Indonesia.

Important date

Call for Papers

  1. [IMPORTANT] To submit an abstract, authors must register first (click here). Then they can submit their abstracts by logging in to this site (menu “Submission System” then “Login”). The manuscript (full paper) can be submitted only after authors submit their abstracts. The whole submission process is done fully online (NOT by email) to guarantee smooth administration. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) and Letter of Invitation (LoI) can be downloaded directly from your account once your abstract is accepted to be presented at the conference.
  2. Types of Paper : Research Article.
  3. Full paper should only be written in English and in (maximum) 5 pages. Length on A4 Paper, containing title, name of author(s), affiliation, e-mail correspondence. For Research article : Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References. to see how to write the paper (click here)
  4. Submitted article cannot be more than 20% similarity.
  5. Abstract should be of 250 words maximum, containing a brief general statement, research aim, research method, research result, conclusion, and key words/phrases.
  6. By submitting an article for publication, an author is assumed to accept the terms of the Proceedings Publication Licence hosting.
  7. All the papers are reviewed by at least two reviewers in single-blind peer reviewed. The originality of paper, technical or research content, grammatical and spelling, and relevance to the conference topics are reviewed by reviewers on the papers. Please follow the template provided at this conference.
  8. Please Submit your Manuscript (full paper) online on (click here)
  9. Abstract/full text must be written in English
  10. Language for Presentation:
  • Indonesian
  • English
  • Malay

Conference Topics 

We invite you to submit the papers on the following topics:

  1. Local Wisdom (Customary Law)
  2. Law on Business, Business Competition, and Prohibition of Monopoly
  3. Law on Land and Environment
  4. Law on Investment
  5. Law on Criminal Act of Corruption and Asset Recovery
  6. Law on Licenses and Labor
  7. Law on Tourism
  8. Law on Transportation
  9. Law on Immigration
  10. Intellectual Property Rights
  11. Law on Resolution of Tourism Investment and Business Disputes

Registration Fee and Payment

  1. Presenter: IDR. 1,500,000
  2. Not Presenter

Non Academics                              : IDR. 500.000,-

Student                                            : IDR. 300.000,-


RKAT, Faculty of Law, University of Warmadewa, Faculty of Law, Pancasila University, Faculty of Law, Esa Unggul University, Faculty of Law, Borobudur University, Faculty of Law, Tarumanagara University, Faculty of Law, University of 17 August 1945, and the Association of Indonesian Law College Leaders (APPTHI,  (zoom conference)

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